• Zalto Mystique Decanter

    * Designed for all full-bodied red wines, in particular young powerful red wines that require a bigger surface/air ratio for the enhanced exposure of the wines individual characteristics and finer nuances. Also ideal for decanting magnums. * Dimensions: 7 1/3" H * Capacity: 64 oz.

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    Our Price: $134.00

  • Zalto Denk'Art Axium Decanter

    * The Zalto Denk'Art Collection, Introduces Zalto Denk'Art Axium Decanter. Designed for medium bodied red wines and full bodied whites. Gives the wine an ideal ventilation to develop aroma and taste. * Dimensions: 8" H * Capacity: 49 oz.

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  • Zalto Denk'Art 5 Piece Decanter & Glasses Set

    * Luxury stemware you could sense from your fingertips * Influenced by the earth in accordance to the tilt angles of the Earth * 5 Piece set includes: (1) Universal Glass, (1) Burgundy Glass, (1) Bordeaux Glass, (1) White Wine Glass, and (1) Axium Decanter

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    Our Price: $359.00

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