• GENESIS Preservation and Wine Dispensing System

    * Single bottle preservation and dispensing system * Designed for both sparkling and wine * Dimensions: 17" H X 6- 8/7" W X 10- 2/3" D

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    Our Price: $499.00

  • EuroCave Wine Art

    * Save & Serve Your Favorite Wine * Protects An Open Bottle Of Wine Up To 10 Days * Holds Two Bottles At Ideal Service Temperature * Extremely Quiet and Efficient, Easy One Button Operation * Fits Comfortably Under Kitchen Cabinets * Full 2 Year Parts and Labor Warranty * Dimensions: 18-…

    Product RatingRated 4.5 by 83 Customers
    Our Price: $399.00

  • EuroCave Wine Bar 2.0

    * EuroCave's NEW Preservation Solution for Maximum Performance! * Keep your opened bottles up to 10 days without affecting quality. * Holds Two Bottles At Ideal Red/White Service Temperature * Easy One Button Operation * Fits Comfortably Under Kitchen Cabinets * Full 2 Year Parts and Labor…

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    Our Price: $1199.00

  • Aervana Electric Wine Aerator & Dispenser

    * Provide aeration to a whole bottle or single glass in just a few seconds * So clean and simple no lifting, aiming, holding, or spilling * Add some flare to your next party

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    Our Price: $99.95

  • EuroCave Vin Au Verre 8.0 Wine Preserver and Dispenser

    wine * Preservation of 8 open bottles: 3 weeks, by nitrogen * Control over service: 3 volumes per tap which can be set independently. The screen indicates the volume remaining in each bottle in real time * A unique touch screen for all management tasks: settings, tutorials and statistics * Bottles

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    Our Price: $12999.00

  • NitroTap Single Bottle Wine Service & Preservation System

    * Instant wine service! Keep your favorite bottle on tap at all times, sealed fresh by the inert nitrogen gas system * Nitrogen replaces the air in opened bottles that causes wine to spoil over time, sealing in fresh taste and assuring many happy refills * Ideal for your kitchen, bar, or anyplace…

    Product RatingRated 4.3 by 10 Customers
    Our Price: $109.95

  • EuroCave Wine Bar 8.0

    …your bottles at an ideal serving temperature (8 bottles ready for use and 6 spare bottles) * Thanks to its air vacuum system, your wine is protected from any risk of oxidation for up to 10 days after being opened * Each bottle placed in the Wine Bar 8.0 can be held, allowing you to serve the wine

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    Our Price: $5999.00

  • WineStation Pristine Plus Wine Preservation System

    * WineStation Pristine PLUS * Clean-Pour Dispensing Heads * Three Pour Size Options: Taste, Half and Full Glass * Dual Safety Lock Features * Holds 4 bottles * Dimensions: 25- 1/2″ H X 19- 5/8″ W X 16″ D

    Product RatingRated 5.0 by 3 Customers
    Our Price: $5000.00

  • ZOS Halo Wine Preserver

    …opened bottle of wine, preventing oxidization * Super-easy to use, there s no need to inject gas or pump to create a vacuum just insert it into the neck of your bottle and leave it standing upright * Works on any variety of wine red, white or rose * Cartridge lasts for up to 15 bottles, Refill…

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    Our Price: $59.95

  • Coravin Model Two Wine System

    …Clamp is easy to open and close, and provides a secure hold on the bottle. * Coravin Capsule Load Cell Technology Makes installing gas easier, ensuring a perfect seal every time. * Comes with: Coravin Model Two, 2 Coravin Capsules, Coravin Wine Bottle Sleeve, Spray Mat, Needle Clearing Tool.

    Product RatingRated 4.6 by 11 Customers
    Our Price: $299.95

  • Personalized Savino Wine Saver Carafe

    * Personalize with one letter * Reinvent the pleasure of a bottle after it's opened with this elegant new preservation system. * Rather than controlling the environment of an opened bottle, it keeps wines fresh days after opening in a beautiful new environment * Stunning carafe designed to…

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    Our Price: $59.95

  • Coravin Model One Wine System

    * An affordable option for wine lovers seeking industry-leading preservation. * The Model One allows users to pour a perfect glass of wine, completely indistinguishable from untouched bottles. * It boasts a lightweight and durable plastic body with ergonomic, soft-touch handles to make it easy and…

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    Our Price: $199.95

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