• Sphere Ice Molds (Set of 2)

    * Silicone cap creates a tight seal * Leak-free and won't tip in the freezer * Dishwasher safe * Stacks neatly to conserve space

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    Our Price: $11.95

  • Arctic Rocks (Set of 6)

    * Whiskey on the rocks no melting! * Watered-down whiskey is now a thing of the past. * These ice cube alternatives made from hand-cut granite keep whiskey cool without ever diluting it. * Effective at retaining temperature for extended periods of time.

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    Our Price: $19.95

  • The Whiskey Wedge by Corkcicle

    * Comes with: * (1) Double Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass * (1) Silicone mold * Available personalized with a single initial

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    Our Price: $17.95

  • On the Rock Glass and Ice Ball

    …fill line and put into the freezer to make a single solid ice ball that outlasts traditional ice cubes. * The shape of the glass makes rolling easy without spilling. * A slight hand movement rolls the ice ball around the ROCK evenly and cools your favorite scotch, whiskey or liquor to perfection.

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    Our Price: $24.95

  • Personalized On the Rock Glass and Ice Ball

    * Personalize with single initial * Cools your favorite scotch, whiskey or liquor * Holds up to 8oz

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    Our Price: $34.95

  • 'On The Rocks' Hand-Painted Framed Canvas Art

    * INDIVIDUALLY HAND-PAINTED ARTWORK depicting a fine whiskey on ice * LIMITED EDITION piece created exclusively for Wine Enthusiast * HEAVY-WEIGHT CANVAS with ebony gallery style frame * IMPRESSIVE 50"W x 50"H

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    Our Price: $299.00

  • Corkcicle Cigar Glass

    * A cigar-lover's dream * Part rocks glass, part cigar rest * Hold your drink and cigar in the same hand at the same time * Sip and puff with ease * Holds 9oz of liquid and up to 48 gauge cigars * Available personalized with a single initial

    Product RatingRated 4.8 by 41 Customers
    Our Price: $24.95

  • IceLiners Martini Glass

    * A revolutionary yet simplistic way to keep your favorite cocktail at the perfect temperature * Leave pleanty of room for a serious martini * Keep your drink at near freezing temperatures for 35-45 minutes

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    Our Price: $19.95

  • Vintage Oak Party Chiller

    * Dimensions: 34"H x 29"D * This adorable cooler is a venerable French oak cask that's been reinvented as the centerpiece for your next party * Thoroughly lined with waterproof vinyl so you can fill it up with water and ice to chill your favorite wines or other beverages

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    Our Price: $699.00

  • SoHo Bar Glasses (Set of 2)

    * Bold yet dignified, like the finest spirits. * From the moment you feel its weight in your hand, you realize this is no ordinary glass. * The base alone is 1-1/2" thick, a solid foundation for substantive walls with a cross-pattern cut exuding character. * Plenty room for ice.

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    Our Price: $39.99