• EuroCave Pure M Wine Cellar (Full Glass Door)

    * NEW from EuroCave... The Pure Wine Cellar * A+ Energy Efficiency (55% More Efficient Than Older Models) * Improved Shelf Spacing Allows ALL 750 ML Bottles to Fit Comfortably * Sophisticated Temperature and Humidity Controls, Including Hygrometer & Alarm System

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    Our Price: $4295.00

  • Coravin Model One Wine System

    * An affordable option for wine lovers seeking industry-leading preservation. * The Model One allows users to pour a perfect glass of wine, completely indistinguishable from untouched bottles. * It boasts a lightweight and durable plastic body with ergonomic, soft-touch handles to make it easy and…

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  • Zalto Sweet Wine Glass

    …of fine sweet wines the world over. Kurt Zalto particularly crafted the dessert glass to accentuate the acidity in sweet wines. * The Dessert thus delivers a balance between power and sweetness that makes a great dessert wine shine at its best. * Lead-Free. One (1) glass per order * Dimensions:…

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  • Wine Decanter Glass Stopper

    You'll find these brilliant spheres of glass only at The Wine Enthusiast. While their true purpose is to top off decanters and provide an airtight seal for wines and spirits, we see them also as spectacular paperweights and objects d'arts.

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  • Glass Hanger Wine Glass Drying Rack

    * Glass Hanger is a Stemware Drying Rack that attaches to the underside of a cabinet saving valuable counter space without putting visible holes in your cabinet. * It easily installs & holds up to 8 lbs. of distributed weight safely and hygienically. * The rack conveniently slides up when not in…

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  • Zalto Denk'Art White Wine Glass

    …the tilt angles of it * Lead-Free. One (1) glass per order. 9" height, 13 1/2 oz. * The Zalto Denk'Art White Wine Glass is recommended for wines full range of white wines. For elegant, classical fruit forward white wines, but also meduim bodied red wines without overt barrique development.

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  • Wine Glass Shaped Butcher Block

    …maple and cherry hardwood this chopping block is 8' x 21" and 2" thick * Each butcher block is made by hand in Lodi, California * The placing of the blocks is in a random fashion * Every block is one of a kind and is not only a beautiful board to look at but made to last a lifetime

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  • Black Wine Glass Socks (Large)

    * Great stocking stuffer for the wine lover * Style, comfort with wine glass and grape embroidery * Large: Sizes 10-13

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  • Oversized Wine Glass Cork Holder

    * Tall, handsome, and a treasure-trove of wine memories! * Standing an impressive 20" high, this oversize glass holds hundreds of corks (not included) and sparks endless conversations. * Also a fun place to keep candy, tips, change, business cards, and more.

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  • Zalto Denk'Art Water Glass

    * The standard-glass that should always be placed next to the wine glass. * Due to its similarity to the wine glass, it also makes a perfect tasting-glass. * One (1) glass per order * Crafted for water, non-alcoholic drinks, and particularly bitter beers. * Dimensions: 7- 7/10" H X 3- 1/4"…

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  • Cube-Stack Wine Glass Rack (Walnut Stain)

    * Easily adjust the size and configuration of your wine collection with this stackable wine glass rack! * Holds 8 to 16 stems. * Designed to fit securely one on top of the other for space-saving storage.

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  • Riedel Sommeliers Chardonnay Wine Glass (1)

    …Sommeliers wine glass line is the top-of-the-line series of stemware from the legendary Riedel. * Wine experts agree that glassware makes a profound difference on how wines taste. * Riedel Sommeliers wine glasses are the benchmark and the most successful series of hand-made glasses in the world.

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