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  • Oversized Ice Cube Molds (Set of 2)

    * Silicone molds help to produce a gorgeous slow melting ice cube * Gives you more time to savor your whiskey or scotch

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    Our Price: $7.99

  • On the Rock Glass and Ice Ball

    …silicone mould to the fill line and put into the freezer to make a single solid ice ball that outlasts traditional ice cubes. The shape of the glass makes rolling easy without spilling. A slight hand movement rolls the ice ball around the ROCK evenly and cools your favorite scotch, whiskey or liquor…

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  • Arctic Rocks (Set of 6)

    Whiskey on the rocks no melting! Watered-down whiskey is now a thing of the past. These ice cube alternatives made from hand-cut granite keep whiskey cool without ever diluting it. Effective at retaining temperature for extended periods of time.

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