• Wine Decanter Glass Stopper

    You'll find these brilliant spheres of glass only at The Wine Enthusiast. While their true purpose is to top off decanters and provide an airtight seal for wines and spirits, we see them also as spectacular paperweights and objects d'arts.

    Product RatingRated 3.4 by 52 Customers
    Our Price: $19.95

  • Ambassador Whiskey Decanter

    * Ideal for carrying on the rich tradition of Whiskey drinking and enjoyment. * Substantial yet balanced with thick European glass, mouth-blown. * Topped with a solid glass stopper.

    Product RatingRated 4.2 by 15 Customers
    Our Price: $59.95

  • Teardrop Beverage Dispenser

    * Elegant drink dispenser in a sweeping teardrop shape * Bring a truly unique aesthetic to any backyard celebration * Easy to open cork top and petite bronze spigot * Accommodates 2.5 gallons

    Product RatingRated 0 by 0 Customer
    Our Price: $89.95

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