• Wine Decanter Dryer (Set of 2)

    * After washing or rinsing, residual moisture and air can cloud a fine crystal decanter, marring both the taste and color of your wine. * Avert disaster by simply inserting this dryer. * By morning, the crystals contained within the muslin sleeve will have absorbed every last drop. Re-use them again…

    Product RatingRated 4.0 by 16 Customers
    Our Price: $19.95

  • Decanter Cleaning Brush

    * This handy brush cleans any size decanter. * Flexes to get all those hard to reach places.

    Product RatingRated 3.7 by 72 Customers
    Our Price: $8.95

  • Decanter Cleaning Complete Kit

    * You'll never have to worry about streaks or off odors on your fine glassware and decanters again. * At last an innovative product that will revolutionize the way you clean your glasses.

    Product RatingRated 4.6 by 15 Customers
    Our Price: $54.95

  • Glassware & Decanter Cleaning Brush Set

    * Fine crystal and glassware often lose clarity and beauty without proper cleaning. * These brushes use soft, compact foam to gently clean and never chip, break or scratch delicate surfaces. Useful for also cleaning vases.

    Product RatingRated 3.9 by 52 Customers
    Our Price: $19.95

  • Decanter Cleaning Beads

    * Clean your decanters with these ingenuous stainless steel beads. All you do is add water and gently swirl. * The high-grade steel pellets smoothly roll over and gobble up stains and deposits. Even hard to reach places will sparkle. * Rinse and re-use over and over again.

    Product RatingRated 4.3 by 66 Customers
    Our Price: $19.95

  • Large Folding Decanter and Wine Glass Dryer

    * Hang on, the size of this popular dryer has now been expanded to hold 16 glasses plus a decanter! * The perfect tool for air-drying your glassware, this stainless steel rack hangs stems up to 10"H.

    Product RatingRated 4.5 by 109 Customers
    Our Price: $39.95

  • Glassware Cleaning Brush Set

    * Specially made for cleaning fine crystal without chips, scratches, or breaks. * Set of 5 includes: Our Large Wine Glass Cleaning Brush, Decanter Cleaning Brush, Barware Cleaning Brush, Aerator Cleaning Brush and Small Wine Glass Cleaning Brush.

    Product RatingRated 4.0 by 23 Customers
    Our Price: $29.95

  • Decanter Drying Stand Plus

    …a special rubber coating for scratch protection! * This stainless steel decanter drying stand not only air dries your decanter to a spot-free finish, it guards against scratching with the addition of a rubber overlay around the holder. * Doubles as a decanter rack for all standard size decanters.

    Product RatingRated 4.6 by 102 Customers
    Our Price: $29.95

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