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  • Code38 Elite Series Corkscrew - Titanium

    * The single-piece, high-strength chassis takes the professional wine knife to the next level * Make each action to a custom feel with the tune-able helix * Replaceable pointed slide-out blade * Single piece construction with machined features that makes it stronger and lighter

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  • 100 Wine Enthusiast Color Coded Wine Bottle Tags

    * Organize your wines for easy access. * Wine bottle tags let you arrange your wine collection so you can separate your Bordeaux from your Burgundy without having to read the wine labels. * Differentiate wines that are ready to drink from those that are still aging.

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  • Code38 P-Type Light

    * Code38 custom French made stainless steel helix. * Precision cnc machined foil blade. * Refined pivot design and spring actions. * Interchangeable and replaceable helix and knife. * Over-engineered design and construction. * Compact modern design.

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  • Wine Map of France

    * Explore over 300 color coded, highly detailed wine regions of France. * These maps combine detailed wine region and reference information with a shaded relief background in order to showcase the characteristic physical geography of a particular region, state, or country.

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  • Personalized Wine Travel Map

    * Hang this mahogany-framed map in your home to keep track of your family's wine travels! * Use the 52 color-coded flags and pins to indicate the wineries/vineyards you've visited (red), the next stops on your trip (blue), your favorite locations (yellow), and dream destinations (green).

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