• Aerating Decanter and Wine Glass Set

    * Aerates wine when filling or serving * Elegant brushed stainless steel base * Large spout for easy filling and smooth pouring * Includes 1 Decanter and 4 aerating wine glasses

    Product RatingRated 4.0 by 4 Customers
    Our Price: $69.95

  • Geo Wine Glasses and Decanter Set

    * Splitting off from a star-shaped base, trigonal sides make this polyfaceted crystal wine decanter and glasses uncommonly captivating * Set includes Decanter & 2 Glasses * Decanter Capacity 46oz * Glass Capacity 20oz * Lead Free Crystal

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    Our Price: $64.95

  • Wine Enthusiast U Decanter and Tumbler Set

    * Set includes: Wine Enthusiast U Wine Decanter and set of 4 U Cabernet Tumblers * The Decanter features a punt at the base to aid aeration * The Glasses are the shaped to enhance your wines' flavors

    Product RatingRated 5.0 by 2 Customers
    Our Price: $29.95

  • Ullo Wine Purifier & Decanter Set

    …moment their job is done * Selective Sulfite Capture technology removes sulfites and sediment, bringing wine back to its natural state * Includes: Üllo Wine Purifier, Handblown custom-designed glass Üllo Decanter, Purifier travel bag, Soft-touch display base, 6 Selective Sulfite Capture filters

    Product RatingRated 3.0 by 4 Customers
    Our Price: $149.95

  • Coravin Aerator

    * Enhance your wine experience by immediately mixing the right amount of air with the wine as you pour * Lets your glass of wine breathe without lengthy decanting * Uses 24 carefully placed and sized holes maximizing wines contact with air, yielding smoother, more aromatic wines * Compatible across…

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    Our Price: $69.95

  • Glassware Cleaning Brush Set

    * Specially made for cleaning fine crystal without chips, scratches, or breaks. * Set of 5 includes: Our Large Wine Glass Cleaning Brush, Decanter Cleaning Brush, Barware Cleaning Brush, Aerator Cleaning Brush and Small Wine Glass Cleaning Brush.

    Product RatingRated 4.0 by 23 Customers
    Our Price: $29.95

  • Aura Glass With Coaster (Set of 2)

    * An innovative take on a traditional wine glass * The heavy steel ball, the resting height, and the angle together provide a stable base even with full pours * The glass aerates the drink by easily spinning with a touch of a finger

    Product RatingRated 5.0 by 1 Customer
    Our Price: $59.95

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